Top Ten: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

Happy Tuesday bookish friends 🙂 I have skipped Top Ten for a few weeks and am back! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week is a new Top Ten topic; this weeks topic is: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading! This will be more of a ‘Top Six’ because I am usually pretty selective of what I want read. I try to keep my ‘To Read’ list short and sweet, which doesn’t ALWAYS happen, but I try. There are a tonne of books that I have been semi-interested in and then lost interest, but the below are ones that I was originally committed to and then just gave up hope of reading. Enjoy!

Top Six: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

#1 Cinder by Marissa Meyer
36381037I go to this bookstore about a ten minute drive away quite often. There is this wonderful lady who works there who is basically the YA encyclopedia. She has literally read ever YA book that is out there. Every time I ask her for a book recommendation she lists Cinder as her top YA book. She always starts by saying, “It is so much more than just Cinderella as a cyborg!” but I literally can’t get past the cyborg part. I don’t know, maybe I am jumping to conclusions. I know that this book and this series is beloved by many, but I think it just isn’t for me.

#2 Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth30117284Honestly, I wanted to read this book for such a long time. It sat on my ‘To Read’ list for months…that is until I heard from multiple people NOT to read it. It all started when I was at the bookstore and had this book in my arms while looking amounts the shelves. A sales associate (the one who recommended Cinder) saw me and literally looked my in the eye and said, “Do not buy this.” So, I put it back. I went to the hardware store a few weeks later and the cashier was reading this, so I asked how she was enjoying it. She told me it was the worst book she has ever read and would not be finishing it. So, I am taking their advice to heart, I mean someone who works at the bookstore must know her stuff, right?

#3 Into The Water by Paula Hawkins33151805-2I had been on a Thriller kick last year- I read The Woman in Cabin 10, The Girl on the Train, Magpie Murders, and a bunch of Agatha Christie. Fast forward to 2018 and I would not touch a Thriller with a 10ft pole! I found that they all merged and shaped into one another. Maybe later in the year I will pick up In a Dark, Dark Wood, but that’s only because I already own it.

#4 Artemis by Andy Weir34928122I really enjoyed Weir’s previous novel, The Martian. I mean potato farming on Mars? Who would enjoy that 😉 From what I have been hearing about Artemis, I don’t think it will be quite my taste. I made a book resolution to read book I want to read, not just because they’re popular and this is one of them. I tried to listen to the audiobook that was read by Rosario Dawson, but it felt a bit dry. Never say never..maybe in the future?

#5 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins2767052This is a shocker, I know. I have seen all the movies and I even own the book, but I do not think I will ever read it. I have tried to pick it up many times; I mean I love YA dystopian fiction, but I couldn’t get into this… Not to be blasphemous, but the movies were fun!

#6 Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
15507958The reason for me not being interested in reading this book is not because I have lost interest, but more so that I do not want to have my heart ripped out. I cannot read books that end with death. I just can’t. I avoid reading them at all costs. Maybe I’m too soft hearted, but it just makes me so sad knowing that a love story doesn’t end happily. I caved and watched the movie and ugly-cried for a good half hour. I do want to read this, but I just don’t think I can handle the heartache.

So these are my Top Ten, well six. Which book have you given up on reading? Or do you totally disagree with me and REALLY want me to read one of these? Also, let’s be friends on Goodreads!


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52 thoughts on “Top Ten: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

  1. I have lost interest in Cinder when I read the part of she being exactly that… a cyborg… heir of the crown or some shxt like that… The Hunger Games T_T ❤ the book is way better than the movie… and the romance there is more warm and lovely than in the movie :3
    I have "Carve the Mark" and I have seen 50/50 of it. people hating it and loving it so I will see how it goes. I think I want to judge by myself XD

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    1. I wish I would have read The Hunger Games before all the hype and the movie, maybe I would have enjoyed it more 🙃 I wasn’t too excited about Divergent when it came out…not sure if I’m willing to give Carve the Mark a chance

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      1. Oh I watched The Hunger Games and then devour the books haha and then watched the rest of the movies XD I like Divergent a lot 🙂 but hated the movies haha
        What about in an audiobook? that could make it better :3


      1. the second book was really kind of depressing for the first bit bc it’s a realistic representation of the grieving process. She does have a love interest by the end of the book! I haven’t read the third yet, it just came out!


      2. I think if I go into it knowing that there is a light in others books I can stomach it. That’s part of the reason was I can’t read The Fault in our Stars… just too sad 😞


      3. Oh wow. I’m sure they are important book.. I think you need some but if bravery to go into a book, form a relationship with the characters and grieve them


  2. I agree about Carve the Mark! The only reason it’s still on my shelf is the controversy – I kind of want to form my own hateful opinion on it. But not enough to actually pick it up. 😂


  3. I thought Dark Dark Wood was even better than Women in Cabin 10, which I still really liked. If you ever change your mind and want to attempt Hunger Games, start with Mockingjay. I think it was my favorite of the three. Since you already have the gist from seeing the movies you won’t be too lost.


  4. I attempted Cinder 4 times. I finally made my way through it as an audiobook, but couldn’t wait for it to end. I see a majority of the reviews hated Cinder, but loved the rest of the series. I may give book 2 a try later in the future.
    I will never read Me Before You for the same reasons. I don’t want to get attached to the characters and their relationship if it’s just going to end.
    I personally enjoyed Into the Water more the The Girl on the Train. It was hyped up as a similar ‘sequel’ but it’s not related to TGotT at all. The only similarity is a murder victim and all the characters are unlikeable.
    Enjoyed your post!


    1. Thank you 😊 yeah I was contemplating Cinder as an audiobook, but maybe when I am bored 🙃 I am torn about Me Before You because it is a series and I’m hopefully it will eventually have a happy ending The Girl on the Train definitely wasn’t for me..

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  5. I read The Hunger Games when I was pregnant with my daughter! Literally finished the last book in the hospital! So this series will always have a place in my heart. Good to know about Veronica Roth though! It is my belief that cashiers are very honest readers.


  6. I think it is good to know what you are willing or not willing to read at a given moment. I truly believe books ‘call us’ when it’s their time :).


  7. I absolutely loved Cinder–but I’m a sucker for a fairy tale retelling. The series definitely got better and better–my favorite was the last book!–and it seemed like a lot of people who disliked Cinder liked the rest of the series


  8. I felt the same with Cinder at first but it actually is rather good and I’m not a Sci-Fi kind of reader. I think Cinder was mostly worth it because the 3 books after it were incredible! If you are bored one day, give it a go, the cyborg thing isn’t as weird once you get into the book I promise 🙂


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  10. i don’t want to sound like the bookstore lady, but………cinder is so much more than the cyborg thing (and each bookin that series is better than the last)

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  11. I listened to cinder and the rest of the books in the series. The audio books were so well read. I love the series. If you think of cyborgs and the treatment of them as an allegory for racism, I think you might be able to get through that element of the story.


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